domingo, 18 de maio de 2014


Hello beautiful people! Today i'll be reviewing the famous Maybelline Baby Lips, i know, i really know that i'm quite late, but i just wanted to give my opinion, so let's do it.

I chose the Pink Punch cause i liked the color when i first saw and i guessed that maybe it would be easy to use on  my everyday, at school and i guessed right (but you can try the other ones and leave your opinion at the comments down bellow ^^), the color is very sweet, it also smells very good, the texture it's similar to a gloss, but it's not sticky at all.

After using it for a whole day, i started to feel my lips a lot softer than it was before, so i can say that this product is very satisfying, although i'm not gonna lie, there are better ones, but this one is cheap, you can find it easily at any drugstore, markets, and this is very positive.

I recommend this for those ones who want practicality and does not have time to apply a lipstick or a gloss.

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